Love Conquers Time

The feeling of love transcends all space and time. When we are captured and enamored in the feeling of love, we transport to different dimensions of our being and escape the misfortunate clock of time. Time is a linear concept that does not truly exist if we are surrounded by the right energies. If we vibrate in the frequency of deep love, time is but merely an illusion. Joy and happiness can be felt in our existence through this innate and inborn feeling we are so encapsulated by. The power of love can transport us through space and time, enabling us to feel eternal within our limited existence.

Our souls were not created to fulfill worldly obligations and perform tasks throughout the day that do not truly serve us. History dictates that eternal connections existed beyond the figments of time and love lived despite all the suffering and trauma dominant in the lives of the past lovers. Beautiful tales such as Romeo and Juliet do not provide a fairytale ending but showcase a timeless existence and devotion that does not fade away with time. Their love still exists today and is felt throughout the world in stories and wondrous tales. The past love stories still resonate with the world today and are more alive than ever.

The feeling of love and finding a soulmate does not begin and end with life, but through an inner bond that transcends time, they are encrypted together forever. The imprints of eternal love enliven the world around us, especially when we are caught in love. Even if the world is brutal and cruel to our love, we can rest in the knowledge that the love we create in our hearts will exist beyond time, long after when we are gone. It is a feeling that defeats time itself and soul connections remain ingrained forever on the soil of this earth long after we have departed.

Our experiences of our pasts and presents are merely illusions crafted by the world. True love is immortal and transient, existing beyond the realms of imagination and escaping time altogether. Love is a powerful and strong phenomenon, showcasing hope in a ruthless world. It reminds us that even though our end is always looming in the distance like a monster awaiting us, our mortality being ever so fragile that it can slip away in a moment’s lapse, love can memorialize all that will eventually turn to dust.

Time is our biggest enemy in life. it chases after us and draws us into oblivion, only leaving us with the present moment and the rest of the memory is forgotten. Yet love shows us the immortality of the present, how happiness and joy can make us feel infinite. The present is all that matters and love reminds us of our soul’s purpose in life. The life around us can be ever so consuming and filled with endless objectives and goals to attain, yet nothing can transcend the feeling of love – the feeling which transcends time itself.

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