Outcasts of time: A 1900s Tale of Suffering and Love

The laws today are different than merely a few decades ago when law enforcement worked against the freedom of choice rather than working for it. Then, society shunned different beliefs and outcasted those defying their rules, leaving no room for diversity and inclusivity. Intolerance and prejudice were paramount in people from all backgrounds, creeds, and races. Gay rights have foreseen monumental success and progress within the last century, especially in the last two decades. In the 1900s, laws prohibited freedom of choice for the longest time, and homosexual activity was not only frowned upon but was mistreated, ill-punished, and demeaned all over the world.

Love was a notion dependent upon the societal norms, and finding love out of the ordinary norms was controversial, rebellious, and even sinful. The discrimination against the LGBT community arises from the deep-rooted bigotry and prejudice predominant in the early years of civilization. After many years, the community has seen an enormous shift in acceptance and public support in our society. However, in the 1900s, they continued to become targets of discrimination, hate violence, intolerance, and backlash worldwide. The punishments society inflicted on homosexual people were severe and hateful; their actions were condemned as sick.

The act of love in the 1900s was a stance of bravery. The freedom of choice was not freely given to the individuals to choose their own way to live life or choose a partner. They were subjected to deep scrutiny, hatred, and objection in the face of love. Though many such stories arise from history, where love was a battle of its own, Walking Out of Time is a classic tale of romance and bravery in a bigoted society that did not allow full liberty for freedom of choice. Two women find each other and fall in unbridled romance upon their encounter and risk their entire lives for the sanctity of pure love. Society condemns their love affair and sets out extreme punishments for their rebellious tale. After combatting the world’s hatred, the bullying, the harassment, and the dehumanization, they are forced to flee their homes and vanish forever.

A few decades ago, society’s prejudiced view of love sentenced many lovers to punishment and hatred. The violence that followed them for their choice of love designated them to live as culprits and criminals as if they possessed no autonomy over their lives. Every human has the right to choose to love whoever they choose, and society cannot dictate otherwise. The laws for humanity and co-existence must come before genders, norms, and intolerance. The perpetrators of violence must be punished for their acts of hatred and the victims must be given justice, freedom, and equality in society.

Walking Out of Time provides a unique insight into stigmatized love. It gives a voice to the misconstrued aspects of society that need to be treated with compassion, humanity, and empathy. The book sheds light on the violence and discrimination imposed on people for their freedom in the early 1900s; a tale of tragedy, suffering, and love against a world of violence.

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