The Genetic Connection With Our Ancestors

Do you ever wonder how you are knowledgeable about certain things without ever learning them? Or perhaps a thought or memory that didn’t stem from your mind is dominant in your mind. Do you ever pause and reflect over the things stored in your head that didn’t come directly from your head but are mere reflections of the past? These signs are not ordinary. We are all formations of one another, climbing down a genetic family tree passed from eons.

Humanity is much more interconnected than we realize. Culturally, we all tend to find a disconnection with ancestry. Even though we cast aside many elders of our family or put them into nursing homes, there is great knowledge that can be acquired through their experiences. Our conditioning limits us from discovering our genetic connection with our ancestors but we can receive enormous insight when we explore this innate and inborn connection stemming within our very souls with the forebears each of us has. This ancient link between us and our ancestors can be a pathway to inner discovery, wisdom, and knowledge of our own spiritual sides.

We often seek ourselves in everything and yearn to discover our identity to have a greater understanding of our own beliefs, values, gifts, and abilities. But to gain a deeper understanding, we must tap into the deep wisdom of our ancestors. We can discover our own hidden talents, qualities, quirks, and capabilities in the revelation of our genetic connections. We all came from somewhere in the past through a myriad of people who hold the power to reveal the clues to who we truly are. If only we tap into the ancestral plane of spirituality, we all can truly explore who we are.

Oftentimes, people can find psychic abilities that are generated from their past families or find healing capacities that seem to stem out of nowhere. When we connect with our ancestors, we can reveal aspects of our personalities that were concealed from us before. Through awareness and awakening, we can tap into our natural gifts that were sent down to us from people who lived before us. Our DNA is a revelation of our inner selves and as we move into the journey of self-exploration through ancestral wisdom, it is on us to put an end to generational suffering.

When we learn about the lives of seven generations before us, many dynamics and cycles that are currently happening in our lives are unveiled and many secrets about dynamics and cycles begin to make sense. Greater insight into the lives of those who lived before us in our family trees can be attained through studying our past family dynamics, all of which can eventually lead us to reveal the present.

Unless we choose to heal from generational traumas, repetitions in cycles and patterns can lead us to the profound knowledge of the atrocities that continue down our families. This also leads to greater compassion for our forefathers and the lives they led and the things they endured. Through their suffrage and sacrifice, we can obtain a sense of empathy for our ancestors for the incredibly strenuous lives they led in order to give us our blissful presents. Walking Out of Time gives us an insight into the journey of past and present, unveiling how ancestral connections can often pave the way for generational revelations.

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